Technique in the Fitting Center

TRACKMAN Launch Monitor

With the help of TRACKMAN we get razor-sharp evaluations of club head and ball flight data in real time. The radar measuring device records the exact flight path of the golf ball hit. All parameters relevant for the analysis of the golf swing, such as ball speed, angle of departure, club head speed, flight length or spin are measured. 

Technique in the Fitting Center

Sams Puttlab & Logical Golf

With the help of the Sams Puttlab, a special device for analysing the putting stroke, the movement of the putter is recorded in three levels. The golf pro can correct the student in the best possible way for an improved putting technique that pays off. With the help of the Logical Golf System, the various components of the swing can be visualized and made tangible, for a completely new understanding of the dynamics of the golf swing.

Technique in the Fitting Center

Video Scope System

With the help of the Video Scope system you can view your own swing with 100 frames per second from 2 perspectives simultaneously. The golf pros have the possibility to analyze your technique from the different perspectives, slow-motion or still images and thus to precisely point out recommendations for optimization.

Customized club fitting

The Golf Academy Dolomitengolf is an authorised fitting partner of the two premium golf brands Callaway and PING. You can have your golf clubs fitted to your individual physical and swing-related requirements by our PGA golf professionals. Modern fitting technologies are used to facilitate the selection of the "perfect" club specifications.